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Day trading course short video on some of the concepts of day trading. Watch this short video.


Only 2%
of traders make MONEY in the Market.

What do they have that your don’t?

They have
—-a PLAN —–
ability to follow a trading plan
Know their strengths

They Have
—-a Business Strategy—
Know that trading is a business
Know how to take a profit

They have
—an EDGE —-
They are responsible, they know themselves.
They know how to manage their risk
Realize that if everyone is using it, it is useless.
They know how to focus on their targets and always take a profit.

The have
They never have to trade alone
They have someone to check their thinking, and get them back on track

They have
The Money Maker Edge.

Where Traders go to get trained in taking money out of the markets. Money Maker Edge offers live day trading course around the globe. We will be in Canada, US, Japan, Singapore and Australia.
Join us!

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